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  1. I am trying to purchase the new deliverance Bible and it wont let me order without getting a website for 49.00 and I cant afford to do that is there any way to just purchase the Bible and book I want?

  2. Jenny you need to go back to the link and when you are about to checkout you need to sign up as a Customer. It will say this (If you are a first time customer click the link below:
    Join as a Customer) Thanks!!

  3. Jenny also when you go to the link you can Join as a customer First by going to the link on the left hand side of your screen that says Join As A Customer. Be Blessed….

  4. I am trying to order Sustained Fire but I do not see it in the bookstore

  5. I need your help. I ordered the e book spirit husband / wife on the 12/07/2010, I received an email from Pay pal that my payment was cleared on the 12/12/2010 and I would received the document between 12/15/10 to 12/17/2010. I try down loading the e book yesterday and keep referring to pay pal for an invoice number I entered the email address that I used for pay pal and invoice #, and I am not getting through. My email address is Inv BD47CD62 last name Stanford
    I also ordered worhip weapon of warfare and sustained fire until they are consumed on the 12/13/2010 and they adv me that Ipayment would be cleared by 12/20/2010-12/22/2010. Can you call me at 647-201-3712 or 647-343-3393 to confirm staus

    • Theodora Stanford thanks for your order and we are looking into this manner at our offices today. We will update you on the status through email.

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