Dealing With The Strongman – Deliverance Prayer

4 Responses to “Dealing With The Strongman – Deliverance Prayer”

  1. Poweful prayers that will make the strongman weak.

  2. Thank you Lord for delivering me from the strongman.

  3. hi there,thanks for your free info its much appreciated.i am desperate..
    my pastor and i have been battling the strongman in my 24yr sons life, which he admits came in via drugs 3yrs ago.he is a shadow of his former self and is now reclusive, cant handle even crowds of 3people.panic attacks and anxieties phobias fear and more fear and then more fear but we just cant dislodge him after trying for 6 months now.i feel so sorry for him.he saved and been baptised in the holy spirit, had feet washing experience etc etc.he just wants peace..not money, things, cars etc just peace.any ideas???

  4. this is a very comprehensive prayer against the strongman.but even tho the strongman does not like it,it is still there in my son.

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