Deliverance Prayers Against Evil Marital Magnets or Strange Women/Men

4 Responses to “Deliverance Prayers Against Evil Marital Magnets or Strange Women/Men”

  1. Thank God for your knowledge on praying effective and fervent!

  2. Thank God for his Word and I quote the prayer of Jaheb that God will bless your Ministry indeed and increase your territory. This is what I needed and I receive my deliverance, Halleluya!

  3. Thank you for my deliverance and I believe for a big breakthoroughs. Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses but I trust in the name of the Lord.

    May God the Father bless the Ministry and reveal more wisdom, knowledge and understanding for the lost.

  4. Thank you Lord in advance for restoration and reconciliation of my marriage. The truth shall set me free.

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