1. Dr. Prophetess Stella Gwandiku ,may Almighty Father, The possessor of heaven and earth continue to strength you . I really appreciate and enjoy your preachings and prayer points . Please , help me pray concerning the manifestation of my own call to be successful, become reality throughout the universe and God should provide abundant/ necessary provision for me in Jesus Christ name Amen. Wishing you ALL THE BEST IN JESUS

  2. Dr Stella may Jehovah Jireh bless your ministry and I pray the prayer of Jaheb that Almighty God will bless your ministry indeed and increase your territory. After reading the prayers above I remembered a dream that I saw women bending on the beach with water up to their knees looking for something. I joined them and I found what they were looking for was a two dollar coin. I hid it in my hand not letting anyone know. I then proceed to a changing room and had a shower and left the coin outside hidden in a corner. I got outside and saw that were heaps of two coins there but I seem know exactly the coin I found in the sea buried amongst them.

    The scene had changed as I found myself on my island in Fiji taking this coin to the Chief of our island. On my left side I saw enemies were trying to stop me giving this coin to the chief. I continue to proceed on and felt God’s blessings over me even before I have given the coin to the chief. I thank God the Father that he has given me power to get wealth. Praise the Lord!

  3. I believe them and I receive them. Thank you Lord.

  4. Thank you Lord my Creator and my Provider for the third time I have prayed and confessed these prayers points that I felt strongly, believe in the power of your resurrection life unfolding in my life, family, prosperity, marriage, finance, wealth, health, spiritual growth has been restored. “To God be the Glory and Praise “.

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