Deliverance Prayers to Break Soul-Ties and INORDINATE AFFECTIONS

4 Responses to “Deliverance Prayers to Break Soul-Ties and INORDINATE AFFECTIONS”

  1. I thank God for this prayer, and for my deliverance from every soul tie relationships I have form in my life over the years. This prayer has set me free from evil manipulated controlling spirits, that has been trying to persuade to go back into relationship, that caused me havoc and separation from God, Son and the Holy Spirit….amen I felt led today to pray these prayer points amen. And I am thankful for God’s faithfulness in my life and In Firepower Ministries. Praise God! Shalom, today I am free!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Praise God for the prayer points it has been awesome to speak against the ungodly soul ties that has entered into my life. It will contaminate your spirit with the Almighty One. It comes in from organizations, family, friends, church members that say they are holy and acquaintances that you are unaware of through these prayer points I can stand on it throughout my day. I refuse to let satan use people to reenter into my life. I was on a committee in my city with ungodly people that did want to listen to me. They wanted me to go along with there way so I pulled away from all of them the door is closed in this city trying to use me. I refuse to attend their meetings with talebarers. Along with Religious leaders and preachers that couldn’t answer any of my concerns nor stand with me. I have been taught a hard lessons from them and by them. My Messiah and Prince of Peace is the world to me he never left me alone in the time of trouble. Satan can have his traps using them!

  3. please pray for evil soul ties to be broken in my life and discernement of God not to get connected,and evil soul ties broken in spouses sevret life and communication with ex who is addict

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