Deliverance Prayers From Generational Curses/Bondage

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  1. Dr Stella, after reading all these prayers it dawn on me that this is the answer to a vision that God showed me awhile back that the enemy try to attack us when a group of ladies praying. I was leading it and we were watching, getting all the strategies from a National big screen which I believe (the prayers). We were in a valley praying when we see them coming and I instructed my warriors to pray hard as we saw the enemies attacking our children at night ( a boy was lowered down in his pyjamas looking like my son, Luke. It is happening now that my son is being attacked .
    he is argumentative and could not sleep at night when he does he had nightmares, screams and
    I believe he sees things in his sleep. Let us pray together that he will be delivered and saved.

  2. After reading these prayer confessions and prayer points again, I can feel the powerful annointing of God in my life and I put my trust in Him completely.

  3. I have been set free indeed “Halleluya” Praise the Lord. To God be the Glory and Praise for evermore.
    Father grant more wisdom on your people, understanding and knowledge because we do not want to be
    destroyed by the enemy for lack of knowledge.

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